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Eco Horse

Eco Horse Lush Liquid Soap Wash

Eco Horse Lush Liquid Soap Wash

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Eco Horse Lush Liquid Soap Wash is deliciously thick so you don't need to use too much at once....and apart from giving them a great clean it also leaves their coats super soft and shiny and their skin nourished.  

Available in 4 scents.....

Lemongrass Essential Oil -  anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.

Lavender Essential Oil - anti-fungal and antiseptic, as well as calming and relaxing.

Guava & Lychee - simply a delicious sweet scent.

Creme Brulee - smells so good it makes you hungry for more....

Available in 500ml recycleable bottles with convenient pump.

500ml recycleable bottle

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